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Teaching Statement

Diversity Statement

I view teaching as a highly scientific enterprise. I read literature on pedagogy and form hypotheses about teaching, conduct experiments in the classroom to test these hypotheses, examine the results, and adjust my teaching approach accordingly. In my teaching, I use a mix of active learning techniques (e.g. flipped classes, think-pair-share, Jigsaws) in line with evidence-based pedagogy. I believe it is important for students to work on important, real-life case studies throughout the curriculum. In each of my courses, I teach more than only the specific course content. I also teach transferable skills, connections to other disciplines, and the interaction between science and culture, especially related to systemic racism and sexism. You can read more about my research into teaching in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning section of my research page.


I developed and now instruct Foundations of Quantitative Reasoning, a graduate course at the University of Vermont. The class is a mix of ecology, evolution, quantitative skills, and programming in R. All the materials for the course are freely available at: https://eastonwhite.github.io/QuantReasoning/

I am also an instructor for the group Software Carpentry. I teach 2-3 workshops a year designed to help scientists be more productive using various software skills including Git/version control, R statistical software, and command line.

I have extensive training in pedagogy including a year as a fellow in the Professors for the Future program.

University of Vermont

Instructor, Foundations of Quantitative Reasoning (BIO381), Spring 2019 - Present

University of California, Davis

Instructor, Introductory Biology: Ecology and Evolution (BIS2B), Biology Undergraduate Scholars Program, Summer 2017 and 2018, Davis, CA

Instructor, Building your personal baloney detection kit, First Year Seminar program, Winter 2017, Davis, CA

Guest Lecturer, Mathematical Methods in Population Biology (Graduate Level, PBG231), Fall 2017

Teaching Assistant, Population Ecology (ESP121), Winter 2016, Davis, CA

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Ecology and Evolution (BIS2B), Fall 2015, Davis, CA

Software Carpentry

Instructor, Software Carpentry computational skills bootcamp focused on R, version control, and bash command line.

University of Victoria

Teaching Assistant, Advanced Ecology (BIO470). Spring 2014. Professor: Julia K. Baum

Guest Lecturer, Calculus for Students in the Social and Biological Sciences. (MATH102). March 2014. Professor: Margaret Wyeth.

Scottsdale Community College

Teaching Assistant, Mathematics Summer Program. Summer 2013. Professor: John D. Nagy