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Easton R. White
Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
University of New Hampshire
Spaulding Hall
38 Academic Way
Durham, NH 03824
| https://eastonwhite.github.io/


2018 Ph.D. in Population Biology University of California, Davis
2013 B.S. in Biology, Minor Mathematics Arizona State University
2010 Associate of Science Scottsdale Community College

Research Interests

Quantitative ecology, coupled natural-human systems, ecosystem management, conservation science, marine ecology, fisheries, protected areas, decision theory, species monitoring, biology education, active learning

Major Awards and Grants

In review Easton R. White (PI), Olaf Jensen (co-PI), Victoria Ramenzoni (co-PI), and Sarah Smith (co-PI). DISES: Dynamics of socio-environmental systems in the face of shocks: coastal marine ecosystems and fishing communities. National Science Foundation: Dynamics of Integrated Socio-Environmental Systems. $1,599,715
2020 PI: Effects of a human pandemic on fisheries. Gund Institute for Environment COVID-19 Rapid Research Fund. $7,100
2019-2025 Merrill Baker-Medard (PI), Easton R. White (co-PI), and Elizabeth Fairchild (co-PI). Socio-Ecological Feedbacks of Marine Protected Areas: Dynamics of Small-Scale Fishing Communities and Inshore Marine Ecosystems. National Science Foundation: CNH2 Dynamics of Integrated Socio-Environmental Systems. $602,320
2018 Graduate Teaching Award, University of California, Davis
2017-2018 Professor for the Future fellow
2014-2017 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
2013-2014 Canada Fulbright Awardee


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*Indicates undergraduate or graduate student mentee, \(^\dagger\)Indicates equal co-authorship

In the pipeline (preprint and/or in review)

9 \(^\dagger\)Easton R. White, \(^\dagger\)Zachary A. Schakner, Amber Bellamy, Mridula Srivasanan. Detecting population trends in United States marine mammals. In review.
8 Merrill Baker-Medard, Courtney Gantt\(^*\), Easton R. White. Classed Conservation: Socio-economic drivers of participation in marine resource management. In review.
7 Emily Beasley\(^*\), Natalia Aristizabal\(^*\), Erika Bueno\(^*\), Easton R. White. Spatially explicit models predict coffee rust spread in fragmented landscapes. PDF
6 Joshua S. Stoll, Hannah L. Harrison, Emily De Sousa, Debra Callaway, Melissa Collier, Kelly Harrell, Buck Jones, Jordyn Kastlunger, Emma Kramer, Steve Kurian, M. Alan Lovewell, Sonia Strobel, Tracy Sylvester, Brett Tolley, Andrea Tomlinson, Easton R. White, Talia Young and Philip A. Loring. Alternative seafood networks during COVID-19: Implications for resilience and sustainability. EcoEvoRxiv preprints. In review at Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems. PDF
5 Christine A. Ward-Paige, Easton R. White, Elizabeth MP Madin, and 25 others. A framework for mapping and monitoring human-ocean interactions in near real-time during COVID-19 and beyond. OSF Preprints. In review at Marine Policy. PDF
4 Benjamin M. Althouse, Brendan Wallace, Brendan Case, Samuel V. Scarpino, Andrew M. Berdahl, Easton R. White, and Laurent Hebert-Dufresne. The unintended consequences of inconsistent pandemic control policies. medRxiv. In revision. PDF
3 Christie A. Bahlai, Easton R. White, Julia D. Perrone, Sarah Cusser, and Kaitlin Stack Whitney. An algorithm for quantifying and characterizing misleading trajectories in ecological processes. bioRxiv. In review. PDF
2 Osgood, Geoffrey, Easton R. White, and Julia K. Baum. Effects of climate-change driven gradual and acute temperature changes on shark and ray species. In revision at Journal of Animal Ecology.
1 White, Easton R., Kalle Parvinen, and Ulf Dieckmann. Environmental variability and phenology evolution: impacts of climate change and spring onset on reproductive timing in a small mammal. PeerJ Preprints. In revision at Theoretical Ecology. PDF


18 White, Easton R., Marissa L. Baskett, and Alan Hastings. Catastrophes, connectivity, and Allee effects in the design of marine reserve networks. In press at Oikos. PDF PDF Github
17 Froehlich Halley E., Rebecca Gentry, Sarah E. Lester, Richard S. Cottrell, Gavin Fay, Trevor A. Branch, Jessica A. Gephart, Easton R. White, and Julia K. Baum. 2021. Securing a sustainable future for US seafood in the wake of a global crisis. In press at Marine Policy. PDF PDF
16 White, Easton R., Halley Froehlich, Jessica A. Gephart, Richard S. Cottrell, Trevor Branch, Rahul Agrawal Bejarano, Julia Baum. 2021. Early effects of COVID-19 on US fisheries and seafood consumption. Fish and Fisheries.
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